The Queen’s Cartoonists

October 18, 2018 7:30 pm

Civic Theatre

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The Queen’s Cartoonists, a group of musicians from New York City,  offer a tour-de-force of the Swing Era’s zaniest and most creative music, much of which was written for or adapted for classic cartoons.  Their concerts include virtuosic performances, projections of cartoons with note-for-note live score recreation, multi-instrumental mayhem, singing, and comedy.

The band’s repertoire includes cartoon music from the 1920’s all the way to the present day and includes composers Raymond Scott, Carl Stalling, John Kirby, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Alf Clausen, and countless classical favorites!  Whether you’re a fan of Looney Tunes, Merry Melodies, The Simpsons, or the old Disney classics, you’ll find something to swing along to! The six cats of The Queen’s Cartoonists are on a musical mission consisting of equal parts music preservation, music education, and live performance.  The heyday of swing music has passed, but this music survives in the memories of anyone who grew up watching cartoons or listening to classical music.

Tying this diverse and challenging concert together are stories and anecdotes involving the cartoons and their composers.  The band is on a musical mission of equal parts education, preservation, and performance.  Since their inception in 2015, The Queen’s Cartoonists have brought their unique show to performing arts centers in over 15 states, and have even opened for the New York Philharmonic.  The band has been featured in over 20 publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, and on NPR.


Tickets $5(students), $15-$20 (adults) and $25 (premium).
All seats reserved.

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