Aberdeen Area Arts Council

The Aberdeen Area Arts Council (AAAC) believes educational outreach is an essential part of its mission. As the council searches for events to host, special attention is given to programming that offers school and community outreach opportunities.

Educational outreach can be held in a large theatre space where students are bused in or on site in the schools or community places such as the Senior Center, senior housing or residential homes for youth-at-risk. Outreach activities are presented at no cost to those who attend. The AAAC has presented opportunities to a single classroom in a school to events in a large theatre that have been attended by over 1,300 students from the northeast corner of the state.

Attending a live performance is something many people take for granted and assume it is something that everyone does. An elementary music specialist on her way into the Johnson Fine Arts Center with a class of students from her school shared that she knew it was the first time for several of her students to be in a theatre... and very well could be the last time. Young people are the audiences of tomorrow. They need to be exposed to the arts when they are young.

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