The Create Tiny Art Gallery is a free, accessible, all inclusive gallery located in the office of the Aberdeen Area Arts Council. Anyone can submit artwork to display in our gallery. We will have free art supplies available in our office for your use as well, if you wish.  Art works will be photographed and placed in this online gallery.  You are free to take your artwork or leave it on display in our gallery until a new work is submitted. There will be no sales of submitted art works.

We believe in the  idea that everyone can do art, and anyone can own art. You don’t need a degree or money, just a desire to create something of beauty or meaning or to make people laugh. There are a wonderful variety of art work in our gallery — some from professional artists, some from talented amateurs, some from folks who are probably very young. Just like you don’t have to be a professional to go out dancing, you don’t have to be a professional to make art.
Allison W