It’s Never Too Late…

     Very like the
resolutions written for the New Year, the list of things you plan to do in
retirement is often overly ambitious fiction that you delude yourself into
believing you will accomplish.

     My list was small. Write
that novel. Get back to painting.

     The novel has been
begun and trashed a few times, but I have fulfilled the second half of my list
in a way I never could have imagined or,

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Arts in the Park

What a weekend.

The 44th edition of Arts in the Park happened
June 15-16.  This year’s event is hardly
over and we are looking to next year already.  
Many don’t realize that we work on Arts in the Park almost year round.   After the event, we make notes of things
that happened, what we can do to improve the event, tabulate the evaluations
that we ask the exhibitors to complete, put away items used over the weekend
and maybe try to take an afternoon off to rest. 

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Field Trip

My first grade students were
privileged to attend The Queen’s Cartoonist performance on October 18,2018.
After receiving the email about our field trip, I asked my teaching partner,
“Do we really get to go on a field trip?” These opportunities don’t come around
often, so even the teachers were thrilled. The students were excited for a
field trip with live music as well. We talked about how we listen to different
songs at school, but getting to see the instruments and musicians in person can
be more enjoyable. 

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A Brief History of Winterfest

The idea of the Festival was to invite artists from all areas of the population to decorate and display holiday trees for a holiday party at the YWCA. Good food and local entertainment were all part of the venue.

Arts in the Park

A local artist talks about Arts in the Park.

Coordination and Collaboration in Theater

I’ve been involved in the arts since high school. That’s when I was first introduced to backstage work, and a love for theater was cultivated.


I was a theater nerd.


I then went on to college to study and work at the Indiana University Opera Theater, and my passion became a career. I’ve never had any desire to be onstage, and am quite happy being the unsung hero of productions,

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Young People Experience the Arts

There is a lot that goes on before “quiet, lights, action” happens in any theater.  One of the best things is to be an usher for the young people’s Aberdeen Area Arts Council events.  My husband and I have experienced that several times in the past few years.

Local and area school students are invited to come see the event in the Aberdeen Civic Theater for a free performance.  This is generally for third through sixth grades,

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Art in My Life

The arts have always been an important thread in the fabric of my life. It started with a love of music and piano lessons in Kindergarten and soon came to include dance classes, creative writing and photography. I truly love all areas of the arts including performing and watching others perform.

I have found the arts community in Aberdeen to be thriving. It’s a area of our community that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and one I am happy to be a part of in my adult life —

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Why you should attend a live performance.

We live in the golden age of entertainment. You can watch Citizen Kane on your phone in a booth at a fastfood joint. You can watch master performances by master performers on your tablet while sitting in the passenger seat of Subaru outback. You can be immersed in more real than life surround sound and 4k video on a wall sized screen, sitting in the comfort of your living room wearing your favorite jam jams,

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