Capturing outdoor adventures

Photography is a way for me to share wonderful moments that I have experienced on my outdoor adventures.  Since I was a young boy growing up on a farm, nature has and always will be an alluring and necessary piece of my life.

Timeless beauty shared with others 

I endeavor to create images that will bring timeless beauty, joy and wonder to everyone who views them.  It is a fun process to get outside and interact with nature,

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Stained Glass – a symphony of color

The stained-glass artist is the composer-conductor of a visual symphony; light and color are his instruments.  Some colors dominate, while others appear to be listening, quietly waiting for a change in the light or a movement in the trees behind the window, waiting for their turn to add fullness to the composition with their own particular tone or pitch.  

Meet the artist Thom Berg

Thom was born and raised in Redfield, SD.

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Meet another billboard artist

Lori Tobin resides in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where she was born and raised. She attended Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota, where she earned a degree in Art and Art Education. 

After college, Lori married her high school sweetheart Marc, and they moved back home to Aberdeen.  When their children, Jacob and Lily were born, she worked from home on custom art pieces. 

Lori’s inspiration

Lori enjoys working with local and regional photographers to inspire new paintings covering diverse subject matter. 

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What is pyrography and who has created it?

The process or art of producing designs on wood, leather or other materials by using heated tools or a fine flame. Our newest billboard features Amanda Huml, a self taught wood burning artist who specializes in wildlife and pet portrait art.

What has influenced Amanda’s work?

She is a California native who grew up in a small town in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. Just a couple short hours away from the ocean as well as the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Meet our next Billboard Artist

The second artist to be featured on a billboard is Lois Beckner. Lois works with in many mediums, such as sculpture that is featured on the billboard, as well as jewelry, fiber arts, painting and music.

Raku Ceramic Tristar necklace by Lois Beckner

Learn more about Lois Beckner

Hello!  My name is Lois Beckner.  I hail from West Virginia, graduating from West Virginia University with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Art Education. 

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Our first billboard artist

The Aberdeen Area Arts Council is super excited about our latest public art project. Who won’t enjoy seeing a fun piece of art as they are driving around town doing errands or dropping kids off at school or an activity?

Meet Michelle Dailey, our first featured artist.

My name is Michelle Dailey, I am 38 years old, from Aberdeen, and a Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an Interdisciplinary emphasis at Northern State University.

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Arts in the Park

What a weekend.

The 44th edition of Arts in the Park happened
June 15-16.  This year’s event is hardly
over and we are looking to next year already.  
Many don’t realize that we work on Arts in the Park almost year round.   After the event, we make notes of things
that happened, what we can do to improve the event, tabulate the evaluations
that we ask the exhibitors to complete, put away items used over the weekend
and maybe try to take an afternoon off to rest. 

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Field Trip

My first grade students were
privileged to attend The Queen’s Cartoonist performance on October 18,2018.
After receiving the email about our field trip, I asked my teaching partner,
“Do we really get to go on a field trip?” These opportunities don’t come around
often, so even the teachers were thrilled. The students were excited for a
field trip with live music as well. We talked about how we listen to different
songs at school, but getting to see the instruments and musicians in person can
be more enjoyable. 

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A Brief History of Winterfest

The idea of the Festival was to invite artists from all areas of the population to decorate and display holiday trees for a holiday party at the YWCA. Good food and local entertainment were all part of the venue.