Art in My Life

Victoria Georgoff | December 1, 2017

The arts have always been an important thread in the fabric of my life. It started with a love of music and piano lessons in Kindergarten and soon came to include dance classes, creative writing and photography. I truly love all areas of the arts including performing and watching others perform.

I have found the arts community in Aberdeen to be thriving. It’s a area of our community that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and one I am happy to be a part of in my adult life — as I was in my childhood. Born and raised in the arts in Aberdeen, I have seen and participated in many of the numerous programs we have to offer and I can say first hand they are superb. Now, as an adult coming back to my home community, it has been rewarding to be involved in these programs on the other side and in helping to facilitate them and see kids continue to enjoy and participate in them.

As a board member of the AAAC, it is important for me to help expose the community to arts opportunities — both through participation and observation. The Aberdeen area offers a wide variety of creative and performing arts opportunities for every age and every interest and I feel that is something very unique to us, and something we should all be thankful for. I have lived and worked in many cities across 4 midwestern states and we truly have the most enriched arts community I have seen for a town of our size. Whether it is Mommy and Me dance for the littlest of tykes, adult creative writing, or pottery for teens; we are lucky to have so many options at our disposal. Couple that with the work we at the AAAC are doing to bring new and exciting performances for the community to enjoy — often including free performances for many school age children in ours and surrounding communities– and we are not a sleepy little midwestern town with “nothing to do.” In fact, the opposite is quite true.

Exploring the arts is a lifelong journey– all it takes is one class, or one performance, or one special event to spark the fire for a lifelong love of the arts. Our community is enriched with so many great things to learn, see and do and I am proud to be doing my part with the arts council to create the next generation of art, music and dance lovers in Aberdeen. So get out there and learn, see and do!

About the Author

Victoria Georgoff is a licensed psychotherapist who paused her clinical work to enjoy raising her three young sons. When she is not busy with her family, you can find her freelance writing and teaching dance at the ARCC.

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