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Stacy Braun | April 20, 2021

The second artist to be featured on a billboard is Lois Beckner. Lois works with in many mediums, such as sculpture that is featured on the billboard, as well as jewelry, fiber arts, painting and music.

Raku Ceramic Tristar necklace by Lois Beckner

Learn more about Lois Beckner

Hello!  My name is Lois Beckner.  I hail from West Virginia, graduating from West Virginia University with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Art Education.  Ever since 4th grade, I KNEW I wanted to be an art teacher or an artist.  While living in West Virginia, I did substitute teaching work in both West Virginia and just across the border into Pennsylvania.  When my two boys were in preschool, my husband, who was a full time Active-Duty Reserve Soldier was transferred out to Aberdeen, South Dakota. 

I had the good fortune to begin working for the Aberdeen Recreation and Cultural Center as a teacher, then as a Program Coordinator.  During that time, I taught many classes for the ARCC (in addition to outside art workshops for various venues) for people of all ages. I was the State Coordinator for SDAEA’s Youth Art Month for about 4 years, securing Youth Art Month artwork from young people across the state to exhibit at the National Art Education Association’s Conferences.   I also taught for Northern State University as an adjunct professor of art.  In 2018, I retired from my position from the ARCC. 

What medium does Lois enjoy?

As a person with “self-diagnosed artistic attention deficit”, I will dive into a media and madly create many pieces, then, find another “shiny” media to sidetrack me into creating other works.  I seem to hover between sculpture, painting, pottery, photography, fiber arts, and jewelry pieces.  My work usually has an ethnic feel to it or contain a hint of sarcasm or a riddle.

Today, I keep my days filled with making art, or should I say, “playing with art”, among other artistic ventures:  continuing to teach for Northern when need arises; doing “Arts for Wellness” sessions (which has been temporarily suspended because of COVID); manning the ArtWorks Co Op Gallery in Uptown Aberdeen (formerly known as The Aberdeen Mall), playing music with my friends, or simply going for walks while foraging for possible unusual art materials.

How to see more art by Lois?

My work can be seen at the ArtWorks Gallery, or on the Gallery’s Etsy website.  You may contact me at the Gallery (605) 725-0913 or email me at

About the Author

Stacy Braun is the Executive Director of the Aberdeen Area Arts Council. Her life has been full of art since a young age. Prior to working for the Arts Council, she had a private piano studio.

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